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Our Team

Known for Expert Guidance and Genuine Warmth

What makes the My Site successful? We are creative, collaborative and driven, and we make a point to incorporate the latest technological advances into our work. Scroll down to learn more about how we handle complex challenges with ease.


Jordan Parker


Jordan Parker is one of the most versatile members of the My Site family, working on numerous industries and project types. Whether preparing tax documents for a small business or serving as a financial advisor to a nonprofit, they deliver top-notch results.

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Taylor Quill

Senior Tax Manager

As our valued Senior Tax Manager, Taylor Quill handles many of our initial consultations with clients. Their attentiveness and mastery of financial regulations serves them well as they assess what services we can provide to a given individual or business.

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Kris Ward

Tax Accountant

My Site would not be where it is today without Kris Ward. Throughout their years on our staff, they have helped develop our organization into a leading Financial Services Company in San Francisco. Get in touch to learn more about their story.

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